Presentation Zen : Book Review

less than 1 minute read

The book is quite thin, 229 pages in total with lots of photographs and example slide designs so it didn’t take long to read it, even if you only read about an hour a day like me.

The book is very well written and presented with well explained concepts. The book takes you through the main areas of presenting: Preparation, Design and Delivery.

I felt that it would have been nice to see maybe a few examples on a more technical subject but besides that I felt the book was worth reading and will definitely utilise the techniques in future presentations.


Favourite Quote: “If you feel tempted to use a picture of two hands shaking in front of a globe, put the pencil down, step away from the desk, and think about taking a vacation or investigating aromatherapy.”
Pros: Concise, well presented
Cons: Lack of complex technical examples
Rating: 4/5
Verdict: Recommended if you do any type of presentations with Powerpoint or Keynote.