Distance Selling Regulations: How Does it Effect Dealers

1 minute read

More and more dealers are moving their businesses online with the ability for consumers to purchase directly over the Internet. The Distance Selling Regulations in the UK came into force in 2000 and applies to all contracts for goods where there were no face to face contact. So this would apply to cars, parts or other products.

The main point to note is that the consumer may cancel the contract and return the car up to 7 days after taking delivery and this could be extended up to 3 months if your dealer don’t comply to the regulations. The consumer doesn’t have to give a reason why they are cancelling as long as the car has been kept good care of.

What you need to do to comply

Before the consumer places their order you should provide them clear details of:

  • your dealership’s name and address
  • full spec of the car
  • the full price of the car including all taxes and delivery costs
  • methods of delivery and payments
  • any other costs such as telephone calls etc.
  • the period of which the price is valid for
  • the consumers cancellation rights

It’s also best to inform the customer that if they cancel the contract that they must return the vehicle to you and if he doesn't then you can charge them for collection.

This law does not apply to business customers.