Selling Cars with Google

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Recently I came across a set of videos on YouTube that were created by a team from Google and aimed to introduce Google and what it has to offer to dealers. The videos are short and target dealers in the US, but the information would also be considered relevant in the UK.

The main problem with these videos is that they offer little or no useful information to the dealer and are really an attempt to sell their generic products and services by wrapping them up as automotive.

Google offers a great range of products and services, and if used correctly, they can dramatically increase your revenue.  One of my next posts I’ll go more into detail on how Google can work for your business.

Here are the videos that have been released so far:

Selling Cars with Google 102: Local Business Ads

Selling Cars with Google 103: Search + Display

Selling Cars with Google 105 - Google Analytics

Selling Cars with Google 107- Mobile Ads

For some reason number 106 hasn’t been released yet.